Wireshark – Tip

While supporting voice over IP (VoIP) customers, it sometimes is necessary to capture packets and analyse what is going on to find faults. One tool I commonly use for this purpose is Wireshark for protocol analysis.

Capturing Packets:

If you can install wireshark for the OS you are running, you should. Yes you can use TCPDUMP on hosts but wireshark has some nifty added filters that tcpdump does not. Do not hear what I have not said – You can capture the data with tcpdump just fine, it is just easier to get what you want with wireshark.

So to capture sip and rtp traffic, I prefer to do so:

tshark -R”SIP or RTP” -w capture.pcap

Or you can use your own filter to get what you are looking for!

Let it run and when you captured the event, hit CTRL-C, download to your work station and let the analysis begin!



Lastpass – A Tool I Can Not Live Without

Lastpass – A simple, Trust No One (TNO), password management tool has been key to the way I work. One feature I really appreciate is the password generator.  You can choose the password length and the character sets to include. Studies of the password generator shows a high order of entropy. Check it out – www.lastpass.com